The JUST GIVING page is now LIVE!

The JUST GIVING page is now LIVE!
The JUST GIVING page is now LIVE! Click the banner, donate £5 and leave your email address for a chance to win the book when I give it away on May 4th. GOOD LUCK!

Saturday, 18 June 2016

UK Art Department, Set Dec, Props, Creatures, Costume and Costume FX

These pages are packed with loads of signatures from friends and colleagues from all different creative departments. I've still got quite a few to collect and cram into these pages.

Stephen Swain (Art Director), Oliver Roberts  (Art Director), Vivienne Jones (Assistant Costume Designer), Alex Hutchings (Art Department Modelmaker), Dominic Sikking  (Graphic Designer), Ben Harrington Groves  (Lead Assistant Set Decorator), Sam Keeble  (Assistant Costume Designer), Alistair Bullock (Senior Art Director), Vanessa Bastyan (Supervising Animatronics Designer), Rob Hayward  (Lead Prop Maker - Prop Shop), Gavin Dean (Draftsman), Jo Finkel (Art Director)

Toby Hawkes (Costume FX Supervisor), Rob Seex (Lead Prop Maker - Prop Shop), Ashley Lamont (Art Director), Mathew Kerly (2nd Unit Standby Art Director), John Weller (Costume FX Supervisor), Keith Ferris (Lead Prop Maker - Prop Shop), Julie Pitt (Assistant Set Decorator)